DigitalRage was founded on the principle of offering end-to-end and seamless solutions in Web Design & Development,
Internet Marketing, Web Hosting and Branding.

It is our belief and philosophy that “in order to be successful… our clients must be successful.” Our many services are
designed to drive results and achieve goals for our clients, while keeping costs down and profits up. “Unified Services”
is our way of saying that we do everything necessary in order to achieve your goals under one roof.

By servicing all of your needs, we guarantee what few others can… your success!





When you choose to work with any company, what you’re really choosing is to work with a group of people.

If you’re wondering who we are at DigitalRage, just look to our company’s name. The “Digital” is technology and more
specifically the internet, and the “Rage” is our passion for that technology. A passion for cutting-edge technology
combined with creative-innovation and problem-solving is the driving force behind the people of our company.
You could say that “we are what we do, and what we do is who we are.”

We’re real people who love what we do, and bringing that passion to each of our clients!




Every now and then we like to show off some of our latest work and feature a special project…


Talent.FM Logo Design

Talent.FM is an innovative talent discovery platform that redefines the concept of internet radio by combining it with a user-based voting system and an online music store. Embracing the idea that “true talent rises to the top,” Talent.FM makes it possible for both musicians and listeners to discover one another.